Band Profile

With over 10 years, 10 albums/EPs and numerous North America and Asia tours under their belt, Johnny Hi-Fi's alternative rock sound has captured fans all over the world. The band has made many appearances on TV and radio stations across the globe including MTV, MyxTV, Billboard Magazine and Performer Magazine. They have also performed in more than 50 US cities and in countries such as Taiwan, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Canada.

Johnny Hi-Fi is now based in Los Angeles and has big plans for more albums, music videos and tours.


2013 AUG
Performed in Toronto, Canada Shows in Canada
2012 APR
Kicked off 4-cities Taiwan Tour 2012 Asia Tour
2009 SEP
Performed in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada Shows in Canada
2006 SEP
Opened for Placebo and Supergrass with 20,000+ atteding at the 2006 Beijing Pop Festival in Beijing, China. 2006 Beijing Pop Festival
2006 AUG
Kicked off 6-cities Asia Tour covering Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and China. 2006 Asia Tour
2006 AUG
Featured Artist on Billboard Magazine Underground Series. JHF's picture will also appear in this month's Billboard Magazine. Billboard Magazine
2006 APR
Featured Artist with interview on CBS News in New York. CBS News
2006 FEB
Kicked off 13-cities US Tour covering DC, IL, TX, OH, MD, NY, NJ, AL and CA. 2006 US Tour
2006 JAN
Aired interview with MTV News hosted by Su Chin Pak. MTV News
2005 DEC
"Man Overboard" reached #8 on "Top 10 Countdown" on MTV Chi. MTV Chi
2005 OCT
Kicked off Asia Tour with shows set up in Taiwan. 2005 Asia Tour
2005 OCT
Hosted "Top 10 Countdown" & "Live From" on one of MTV's newest channels MTV Chi. MTV Chi
2004 OCT
The biggest Taiwanese rock band A-Yue & Free9 asked JHF to join their House-of-Blues-sponsored American Tour. House of Blues US Tour
2000 NOV
"Passive Killer" was recorded by Taiwanese pop star Richie Jen and debuted at #3 on the Taiwanese Pop Chart. Taiwanese Pop Chart


Adam Bradford (Guitar)
Andy Gerard (Guitar)
Asif Khan (Drums)
Austin Caperton (Guitar)
Benjamin Francis (Keys)
David Cloyd (Keys)
Doug Ott (Guitar)
Eric (Guitar)
Eric Hsu (Vocal, Guitar)
Frans Vermeulen (Bass)
Frank Fabsits (Bass)
Freddy Aguirre (Bass)
Geoff Gross (Guitar)
George Chavez (Cello)
Jacob Blickenstaff (Bass)
Jack Devine (Guitar)
Jason Petrisko (Bass)
Joe Cassella (Bass)
Joe (Keys)
Jon Schiller (Bass)
Justin Matsubara (Bass)
Kim Henry (Guitar)
Liberty Ellman (Guitar)
Marc Day (Drums)
Marguerite Ostro (Violin)
Micha Schellhaas (Guitar)
Mike Rens (Bass)
Nicolas Mindreau (Bass)
Patrick Pfeiffer (Guitar)
Rebecca Reily (Keys)
Scott Tolchinsky (Guitar)
Sherman McKay (Guitar)
Ted Monsour (Bass)
Wiley Koepp (Drums)